Houston Chapter

National Arab American Medical Association
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Humanitarianism, Education, and Cultural Enrichment

National Arab American Medical Association - Houston Chapter

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About AAMA

The Arab American Medical Association is a non-profit, non-political, educational and charitable organization with national and local presence, with members who are medical professionals of Arab descent. The Houston Chapter has been active for over 20 years.

AAMA was started nationally several decades ago in Michigan. The local chapter's founding president is Samir Tuma, MD, who has been a member since the inception of the chapter.

Current Officers

Immediate Past President

Zaina Al-Mohtaseb, M.D.

Past Presidents

Zaina Al-Mohtaseb, MD
Nizar M. Tannir, M.D.

Ali Al-Himyary, M.D.

Yasser Shaib, M.D.

Rezik Saqer, M.D.

Eddie Abdalla, M.D.

Mario Assouad, M.D.

Nicola Hanania, M.D.

Aziz Shaibani, M.D.

Kamal Busaidy, D.D.S.

George Nassar, M.D.

Samia Khalil, M.D.

Nadim Nasir, Jr, M.D.

Kamal Itani, M.D.

Ahmed A. Fadil, M.D.

Nezar Shobassy, M.D.

Lamk Lamki, M.D.

Imtihan M. Jawdat, M.D.

Bernard Z. Albina, M.D.

Nabeel H. Romman, M.D.

Kamal G. Khalil, M.D.

Hazim J. Safi, M.D.

Philip Salem, M.D.

Ezzat F. Abouleish, M.D.

Maher M. Nasser, M.D.

Husam Bahrani, M.D.

Adel K. Fustok, M.D.

M. Khalil Ali, M.D.

Sami Sanged, M.D.

A. S. Drooby, M.D.

Samir N. Tuma, M.D. (Founder)

Mohammed Othman, MD


Nabeel Shalan, MD


Zaina Al-Mohtaseb, MD

Immediate Past President

Natalia Khalaf, MD

Vice President

Jad Daye, MD, RPVI